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Finnsafe ry's Good Practices in the Workplace Webinar on January 17, 2024, at 9:00-9:50: Special Merit Medal for Occupational Environment Work and Other Recognitions

Come listen to Finnsafe ry's information package: Special Merit Medal for Occupational Environment Work and other recognitions – who can receive recognition and how to apply?

Register by January 15, 2024.

The theme for the 2024 awards is "Prevention and Management of Work-Related Strain."

The theme includes measures that promote both psychosocial (mental) and physical occupational safety and health, which have developed the work community and serve as good examples. Considered factors may include, among others: collaboration, participation of the entire work community, actions promoting shared responsibility and trust, leadership, supervisory work, occupational health collaboration, cooperation in occupational safety, and other network collaborations.

Proposals can target both long-term development work and individual measures promoting occupational health and safety.

"Do you know a colleague or workgroup at your workplace engaged in exemplary or pioneering occupational safety work? Or do you find such individuals in your network?"

The speaker for the webinar is Rauno Hanhela, the CEO of the Occupational Safety Center coordinating Occupational Environment Work recognition.

In the webinar, you'll get answers to questions such as:

  • Why are special merit medals and other recognitions for occupational environment work granted? (regulations, history, etc.)
  • Who belongs to the award committee?
  • By what criteria will proposals for 2024 be evaluated?
  • How should proposals be submitted to the award committee?
  • Where can the application be found, and how is it filled out?

Explore the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health's Traffic Light Model for Burnout – it helps in identifying the risk of burnout.

Traffic Light Model for Burnout helps in identifying the risk of burnout | Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (ttl.fi)

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